Explore The Gardens

Walled Garden

Step back in time as you enter the walled garden, dating back to circa 1790.

While our historic greenhouses may show signs of age, they still whisper of bygone eras.

Wander among our fruit trees bearing apples and plums.


Rose Garden

Nesteled near the early 13th-century castle, our spectacular rose garden beckons you inwards with its vibrant colours and intoxicating fragrance of roses and lavender.

As you stroll along the cobblestone paths, each step envelops you in nature's embrace.


Ancient Chapel

Discover the ancient heart of Upton Castle Gardens at our medieval chapel dating back to the 12th century, a sacred place steeped in history and mystery.

Featured on Time Team, the history of this chapel predates the castle itself.

Explore the intricate stone effigies of knights and aristocracy long past including the ornate 14th century tomb of Sir Walter Maliphant, and feel the echoes of the past resonate within its hallowed walls.



Discover our impressive collection of Champion trees.

Some are the largest examples of their species in Wales, while others are the largest in the entire UK.

The National Tree Register has listed 15 trees as county champions or country champions, including Magnolia Campbelli, Magnolia Delavayi, Magnolia Obovata, Podocarpus, Liriodendron (tulip tree), Davidii (handkerchief tree), and Drymus Winteraceae.


Estuary & Cleddau River

Witness the breathtaking beauty of our estuary, a natural marvel where land and sea meet and create an ever changing landscape..

Offering a sanctuary for wildlife including otters and a pictereque backdrop for quiet contemplation and an enjoyable walk.


Celtic Rainforest

The Celtic Rainforest near the estuary is a captivating ecosystem renowned for its lush vegetation and is one of the rarest ecosystems in the world.

Not only is it thought to be more threatened than the tropical rainforest, this habitat fosters remarkable biodiversity and invites exploration.


Herbaceous Border

Stroll along our traditional herbaceous border.

A dramatic profusion of perennials coexist here, punctuated by bursts of colour from blooming roses and cascading vines, creating a picturesque oasis for both seasoned gardeners and casual admirers alike.


Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition

NEW for 2024 Coeden: Amid the Trees.

Upton Castle's Selling Summer exhibition of Sculpture. With this exhibiton we seek to explore the enigmatic relationship between trees and the forests along with there role in human lives and imagination. Embark on a journey of discovery along the sculpture trail, where art and nature intertwine in harmonious splendour.

Running from 30th June - 15th Sepetmber