Mostly planted by Stanley Neale in the 1920s or his daughter Joyce Skelton in the 1970s, the rhododendrons make a good show from January onwards peaking in April/May but with some still flowering in August. Those planted early on were rare varieties of species rhododendrons but they have been supplemented over the years with hybrids. This year more species are being planted as some of the older ones need to be replaced.

Many of the Camellias are now very large and give a terrific show when in flower but like all camellias are prone to water damage so not always helped by the Pembrokeshire climate.

The Magnolias which were planted in Stanley Neale’s time have now grown to huge proportions. Several of them have been classified by the National Tree Register as Champion Trees notably, Magnolia campbelli, Magnolia delavayi, Magnolia Obovata. Others have been planted during our time at Upton.