Herbaceous border

The traditional Herbaceous border runs along the length of the top terrace. Probably at its best during May and June, we endeavour to keep interest all season.

The Rose Garden

Originally planted during the 1920/30s was replanted with modern Hybrid T roses in the 1970s and these are now gradually being replaced with David Austin roses. June is the best month for roses but there is a good show until mid- September.

The Middle Terrace

Unfortunately not open to the public, the middle terrace is private Swimming Pool garden.

The Winter Walk

The lower terraces name originated since it was planted with trees and shrubs that have winter interest. Some of these (Drymus winteri and Parrotia persica) still remain but sadly during a very cold spell about 7 years ago quite a few were lost and have had to be replaced.

The Wildflower Meadow

We have recently sown wildflower seeds adjacent to the walled garden, these have grown beautifully and provide a much needed environment for bumble bees and other insects to thrive